Woodland Sunbeams Luminaire

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Intricate detail, stunning dimensionality and the subtlety of the sunbeams all contribute to making this lamp truly transformative & versatile.

Four large Lithophane panels decorate this gorgeous accent lamp. The lamp frame is made of durable steel, powder coated in a black semi-gloss finish and features 4 protective feet on the bottom. The porcelain is non-porous and washable with any common household cleaner. It will never fade or discolor; porcelain is timeless! Because it is a lithophane, the intricately textured porcelain surface is beautiful even when not lit. The two panels shown in the photo are repeated on the back two panels of the lamp. This lamp comes complete with a 60w A19 Incandescent Bulb with a 6 ft. cord and an inline switch. The bulb can be replaced with a standard base LED or Compact Fluorescent bulbs as well, warm white color is suggested. Nicely boxed with a brief history of the art of lithophanes printed on the box.

6.00 (in)
13.25 (in)
6.00 (in)